Jack Kelly

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Jack Kelly is an award-winning author, journalist and novelist. His writing has been described by the New York Times as “adrenaline in words.” Jack recreates the vivid reality of history for readers fascinated by the drama, excitement and sheer intensity of the past.



edge smallCOMING IN JANUARY 2019 — Jack’s next book, The Edge of Anarchy, tells the dramatic story of the explosive 1894 clash of industry, labor, and government that shook the nation and marked a turning point for America. That summer, working people in America rose up to confront the power of corporations and the harsh conditions engendered by the industrial revolution. The action brought the country to what the Attorney General called “the ragged edge of anarchy.” The contest between plutocrat George Pullman and labor leader Eugene Debs called into question fundamental values of equality, fairness and democracy that continue to divide us today.


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