thumbnail“In Valcour, we see the dynamic hero Arnold was before being cast into one of history’s black holes. With such a dramatic main character, the story of the Battle of Valcour Island is finally seen as one of the most exciting and important of the American Revolution.”
–Tom Clavin, bestselling author of Dodge City, co-author of Valley Forge

edge small

“Jack Kelly’s Edge of Anarchy helps focus today’s great debates over the power of economic concentration and the rights and futures of American workers.”
–Brian Alexander (Author of Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town)

Heaven's Ditch small“The fantastic story of a fantastic undertaking through a fantastic country, the wild, turbulent, sometimes murderous construction of the greatest engineering project since the pyramids, built through an America bubbling with religious revivals, get-rich-quick schemes, and manifest destiny. It’s all true! Stranger than fiction but just as entertaining.”
—Kevin Baker (Author of The Big Crowd)

bog small“Jack Kelly has managed to accomplish something remarkable in Band of Giants: to give a concise and accurate overview of the Revolutionary War without losing the intimacy and detail that go into a good yarn.”
–Paul Lockhart (Author of The Whites of Their Eyes)

The award-winning author of Band of Giants has a gift for knocking the starch out of history. –Chronogam

Gunpowder smallKelly interweaves intense, fast-moving anecdotes of military history with counterpoint narratives of technical developments of powder and guns and the evolution of military and social attitudes . . . brilliantly succinct and excruciatingly powerful.”
-Baltimore Sun