The 1776 Campaign That Saved the Cause of Liberty


VALCOUR describes a unique and little-known Revolutionary campaign that helped decide the entire course of the war.

If you thought the main fighting was at Bunker Hill, New York, Philadelphia and Yorktown — think again.

If you imagined Benedict Arnold only as the nation’s worst traitor — it’s time to consider his heroism and extraordinary ability.

If you think of the Revolution as exclusively a land war — imagine a point-blank naval battle fought by hastily-constructed ships on an inland lake.
The Battle of Valcour Island decided the northern campaign of 1776. Without the hard-won results, the British could have split the colonies in half, Washington may never have crossed the Delaware, and the cause of liberty may have been defeated six months after the Declaration of Independence.

This book by award-winning author Jack Kelly featuring a fascinating cast of characters, gripping suspense and wild action. VALCOUR brings history to life!