Band of Giants

The Amateur Soldiers Who Won America’s Independence

bog small“Kelly shows us the essence of the Revolutionary miracle.”
-Paul Lockhart (Author of The Whites of Their Eyes)

“A sprightly and illuminating history of the Revolutionary War. It captures the terror of battle, the ecstasy of victory, the character of the leading generals, and the travail of the ordinary soldiers.”
-John Ferling (Author of Jefferson and Hamilton: The Rivalry that Forged a Nation)

“Its lively narrative of the Revolutionary War realistically assesses the motley collection of men who led the military struggle against Britain, revealing both their strengths and weaknesses.” –Wall Street Journal

“Jack Kelly’s superb writing enhances this fast-paced account of the Revolutionary War. Band of Giants is both entertaining and informative.”
-Edward G. Lengel (Author of General George Washington: A Military Life)

“Mandatory reading for anyone who seeks to understand the true nature of the Revolutionary era in American history.” –Army Magazine

“Jack Kelly has written a superb account of the American soldiers who won our independence against great odds. This is a must read for all Americans who want to truly know those who forged our magnificent nation.” -General Anthony C. Zinni USMC (Ret’d.)

“Readers will finish this fascinating book with a sense of awe – and a renewed faith in America’s ability to overcome daunting challenges.”
-Thomas Fleming. (Author of Liberty! The American Revolution)


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